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Founded in 2018 company is no corporate giant - we are a small business, all about bringing green love to outdoor spaces around Hong Kong! And we are so excited to meet you! 

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Born in Hong Kong, Sophie has a Master's Degree from UCL, UK. She wishes to develop her passion of greening urban landscapes 

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With a degree from Floral Design Institute in Portland, USA, Nelly worked as a buyer in one of the biggest flower and home decor businesses.

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Marie Laurence

Marie Laurence is a registered architect (DPLG), with extensive experience in areas such as housing, wine cellars, public buildings, and of course urban green landscapes.

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media lead

Charlene has a BA in Marketing and an MFA in Film Production. With several major social media campaigns for medium to large brands under her belt, she is an experienced media developer with an exquisite digital creative eye. 

Got You Hooked?

If you're ready to transform your outdoor space into a green oasis, or simply have some extra questions about who we are and what we do, then get in touch with us via the Contact Form on this website or using the contact information on the designated page!